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Modi blitz underway


THE 17th Lok Sabha Elections 2019 is going to be a fierce battle between Narendra Modi-led BJP and Opposition Parties and Modi has the advantage as he has prepared for elections much in advance. Sources disclosed that the Government of India launched a publicity campaign about the programmes and policies declared and implemented by Modi in January itself. Modi’s advisors evolved a unique formula to kill the bird in the bush. The nodal agency Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited (BECIL), which implements the publicity campaign of the government, chose one prominent newspaper of India and two advertising agencies. The publicity machinery included a van, video films of programmes and different speeches by Modi. Most of the films were produced by NFDC. Technically NFDC does not have any infrastructure to produce the films so they outsourced the films reportedly as per the command and suggestion by a Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Information Broadcasting. Hoardings, wall boards and sign board sites across the country were booked by the different departments of the governments and state governments ruled by BJP from January till mid-March. Once the government contracts end, the same places have been booked by the BJP till the elections are over. Not only this, most of the private aircraft and helicopters are heavily booked by BJP. Small opposition parties are finding it difficult to get aircraft now. Social, electronic and print media will be flooded with videos, sound bites, animations and well-designed print advertisement campaigns. BJP has hired the best advertising agency and the so-called poet and writer Prasoon Joshi to make the election campaign better than the competitors. The moot point is will these campaigns fetch votes. Na Moomkin, Moomkin ho sakta hai!

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