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Book Extract

The Makings of Dalit Political Power

AMBEDKAR hailed from a family of military men. His father Ramji Sakpal was a Subedar Major in the British Indian Army. Ambedkar’s maternal...

Cover Story

Bose: pioneer of planning in India

CONTRARY to popular belief, the now deceased Planning Commission was not a legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru. The blueprint for this institution was outlined...

First Stirrings

First Stirrings : For whom the bells tolled

IN the early 1960s, the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) had a halo around it, thanks to the legacy of the British Raj that...

My Corner

Developing oneself

RECENTLY a certain occasion warranted me to go to Ranchi to see my younger brother, Avinash Kumar, who is an IAS officer in...

Lofty promise, tardy action
State Scan

Lofty promise, tardy action

MADHYA Pradesh is centrally located and it is very important from the perspective of the Indian economy. The State’s contribution to India’s GDP...

Bric a Brac

Kanimozhi meets Rahul

TAMIL NADU is likely to be the main State which will decide the fate of the politics of 2019. The next political battle...


Mutual Benefit Club

THIS is the story about the six-degrees-of-separation principle. In personal lives, one can link with anyone anywhere in the globe through six links—A...

By the Way

Kissa kursi ka…

Organising the Republic Day Parade at India Gate is an enormous task but the Defence Ministry manages to make it memorable and exclusive...

By the Way

Doval’s hand

There was a time during Manmohan Singh’s regime, when a majority of the bureaucrats in the ministries were either Kerala-born or of the...

Cover Story

Cover Story : Richest Indian on shaky ground

AVENUE Supermarts’ business model seems to be on a shaky ground by its own admission; there seems to be some form of a...